We value excellence in Business Innovation, Engineering Diversity and Team Commitment which is demonstrated by our integrity, ethics and professionalism.


We shall act with integrity at all times so that our actions can withstand scrutiny, albeit internal or external.

We regard ethics as the cornerstone of professional behaviour.

We aim to share the benefits of our experience through support for training within the engineering services industry and in setting the standards to advance the industry.

Jeff Hort Engineering strives to be a good corporate citizen and a contributor to the well-being of society.

Quality and Reliability

Our actions reflect the fact that the quality and reliability of our products is of paramount importance to our Customers and us.

We use world-class standards as the benchmark throughout our business activities.

Action in response to known or potential quality issues receives the highest priority.
Quality shall be the highest responsibility of all employees.

Change and Innovation

Change is an accelerating feature of our environment; consequently we recognise that our Organization’s ability to adapt to change is critical to success.

Innovation in all aspects of our operating environment represents a cornerstone of our corporate mindset.

Continuous improvement is fundamental to our way of working.

We recognise and accept the constraints on the rate of change imposed by regulatory approval mechanisms.

A Learning Organisation

The best learning is achieved by understanding “why” things went wrong; that is, mistakes provide the basis of learning.

Effective training, including on the job mentoring and enhances personal development.

Open Communication….

We trust and respect our fellow employees.

Direct and unambiguous communication channels; an open door philosophy is encouraged at all times.

Use of appropriate communication channels, in terms of medium and organizational structure is emphasised.

Initiative and Opportunity

Employees are encouraged and expected to use their initiative in addressing challenges and to focus on finding solutions.

We recognise that employees are responsible for creating opportunities for themselves.

Responsibility and Accountability

Each employee is individually responsible and accountable for achieving effective and efficient performance; never assume, always anticipate, be thorough and complete, and follow through.

Good performance is recognised, consistent poor performance shall be addressed in a timely way to evaluate the cause and identify the support required to improve performance.

All employees are encouraged to be prudent and ethical in the use of Company resources.

With more than 25 years in the industry, Hort Enterprises has evolved from an engineering support business for the local agricultural sector to become a full-scale engineering operation with strong links to the mining sector throughout Australia.

Contact Information

Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy our customers everywhere.

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